Directions of Use

Thank you for trying Fear Not Aftershave.  Please follow the directions below for best results.

For men who suffer from moderate razor burn and rash simply shave, dry your face off with a clean towel, then splash on!  If you are worried this sounds too easy, we understand. Feel free to follow the directions below until you figure out what best works for your skin type.

If you suffer from razor bumps (or severe razor burn/rash) it is strongly recommended that you follow the steps of treatment below to ensure best results. Once you have been shaving bump free for longer than two weeks adjust the frequency of use as well as the quantity applied to meet your own personal needs. 

1. Shave Every Day... at least for a while

Your hair needs to grow 2-3 entire cycles (root to surface) under treatment before it can be considered fully conditioned. Shave every day at roughly the same time for at least a week, ensuring as little outgrowth as possible. For severe razor bumps sufferers, shave twice a day with a regular morning shave followed up by a quicker, less vigorous shave prior to bed.  Again, just until you have been shaving bump free for two weeks then adjust to suit your needs. 

2. Dry Your Face... with a clean towel

Gently pat dry your face with a clean towel after shaving to rid skin of excess water. If needed, apply a hot towel to problem areas to further aid in opening pours. 

3. Apply Liberally... get all your shaved bits covered

Don’t be shy, splash it on with 2 applications 2 minutes apart. If needed, apply aftershave to your finger and rub into problem area(s) in between shaves. 

4.  Routine is king... for most people

Fighting razor bumps is not easy and finding a cure without the use of harsh chemicals is even harder. Because we have to deal with hair that is prone to curling back in on itself just hours after it is cut, daily conditioning of our hair offers the best results. For inconsistent shavers we suggest that once you do shave, shave for at least a few days under treatment before letting your hair grow back out. And, on your initial shave, shave twice with a regular shave in the morning followed up with a less vigorous shave prior to bed. 

5.  Use as intended

Fear Not Aftershave is to be used on skin alone. Avoid getting in eyes - flush eyes emmediately with water if contact is made. Seek medical attention if needed. Keep out of reach of children.