How to get rid of razor bumps, burn and rash

The fight against razor bumps, burn and rash is finally over.

Fear Not Aftershave is both the most effective and easy to use razor bump, burn and rash product on the market today.
Simply shave and splash on.
How It Works
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 The Mix

The magic truly is in the mix. What do you get when you combine the essential oils of lavender, peppermint, cedarwood, sweet almond, castor, frankincense and bergamot in just the right way? You get nature's greatest medicinal gifts working in harmony to treat your skin and condition your hair.

Your skin
How well your skin heals immediately after shaving is extremely important. Outside of the type of hair one is prone to growing, post-shave skin damage and inflammation are the leading contributors to razor bumps, burn and rash. Our mix of essential oils stimulate capillary dilation and action which draws blood from deeper tissues. This leads to quick relief of inflammation and an incredible jump start on skin repair and healing.
Razor Bumps Diagram - Skin Cross Section

Your hair
So how do we condition hair prone to curling in on itself just hours after it is cut? By conditioning at its root and by conditioning it often. When you make Fear Not Aftershave part of your regular shaving routine you ensure all new hair growth starts and ends in a conditioned state. 

Our special mix of essential oils offer properties that are:

reduces possibility of infection
reduces inflammation and swelling
reduces bleeding from minor abrasions
promotes cell regeneration for tissue and skin
relieves pain caused by inflammation 
fights dandruff and similar skin conditions
eliminates dry skin
mild pain reliever
fights bacterial infections
stimulates blood flow
Cicatrizant & Vulnerary
both help wounds heal faster
    100% money back guarantee 
    100% natural ingredients
    Free shipping North America wide

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