Beard Removal Formula
Beard Removal Formula


Beard Removal Formula


Nothing is harder on your skin than when you have to shave off a well established beard. Fear Not Aftershave's Beard Removal Formula greatly reduces post-shave skin damage, irritation and inflammation. Our amazing formula with it's multi-blend of essential oils offers the following benefits:

  • antiseptic – reduces possibility of infection
  • anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation 
  • astringent – stops bleeding of minor cuts
  • cytophylactic - promotes cell regeneration 
  • analgesic and analgesic– both relieves pain
  • emollient – eliminates dry skin
  • antibiotic – fights bacterial infections
  • emenagogue – stimulates blood flow
  • cicatrizant & vulnerary – both help wounds heal faster

Try Fear Not Aftershave today and your skin will thank you! Remember, we offer the following on all our products:

  • 100% money back guarantee 
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • FREE shipping North America wide