Organic Razor Bump Formula
Organic Razor Bump Formula
Organic Razor Bump Formula


Organic Razor Bump Formula


We are excited to offer an all organic alternative to our classic formula. Sourced from sustainable operations which offer the finest and purest of essential oils, our ingredients offer your skin and hair the following benefits:

  • antiseptic – reduces possibility of infection
  • anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation 
  • astringent – stops bleeding of minor cuts
  • cytophylactic - promotes cell regeneration 
  • analgesic and analgesic– both relieves pain
  • emollient – eliminates dry skin
  • antibiotic – fights bacterial infections
  • emenagogue – stimulates blood flow
  • cicatrizant & vulnerary – both help wounds heal faster
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Try Fear Not Aftershave today and your skin will thank you! Remember, we offer the following on all our products!

  • 100% money back guarantee 
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • FREE shipping North America wide